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Yang ML15A CNC Turning Machine
Yang CK2 CNC Machining Centre
Yang CK2A CNC Machining Centre
Yang CK5 CNC Machining Centre
Yang ML25A CNC Machining Centre
Taiwan Takisawa TW46 CNC Turning Machine
Titan TL530 CNC Machining Centre x2
Matchmaker VM820 CNC Machining Centre
Leadwell LTC20 CNC Machining Centre
Cincinnati Dart 500 CNC Maching Centre
Sykes V10B Vertical Gear Shaper
Sykes Curdworth 10B Gear Shaper
Sykes V10A Gear Shaper
Sykes V10B Gear Shaper
Sykes H150 Hobbing Machine
Gleason "14""" Bevel Generator
Gleason "12""" Bevel Generator x4
Gleason "3""" Bevel Generator
Gleason Rolling Tester
Klingelnberg Hob Sharpener
Lapointe Broach HPM (six foot pull)
Lapointe Broach HPM (five foot pull)

Lestor Gear Shaping Machine
Modul 500 Gear Hobbing Machine
Modul 250 Gear Hobbing Machine
Pfauter P400 Hobbing Machine x 2
Pfauter R500 Gear Hobber
Mikron 102 Gear Hobbing Machine
Valeport GDM460 Gear Deburring Machine
Delapena Honing Machine
Heckert Heckert Hobbing and worm milling machine x 2
K10 Tooth Grinding and Chamfering machine
Holroyd Worm Wheel Machine
Rockwell. Hardness tester
Vickers. Hardness tester
Jones and Shipman 1074 Cylindrical Grinder
Jones and Shipman 1300 Cylindrical Grinder
Jones and Shipman Surface Grinder
Gould Rolling Gear Checker
Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder
BSA Vertical Grinder
Heald 271B Gaugemate Internal Grinding Machine
Churchill "12"" Shaving machine x2"
Cincinnati Tool & Grinder Cutter x2

David Brown No 18 18T Involute and Helix measuring machine
Herbert Bank of four drills
Herbert Bank of six drills
Herbert Lead Checker
Herbert Capstan "Lathes No 4,2 & 5"
Colchester Student 1800 Lathe
Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe
Chun Jei CB-250W Horizontal Bandsaw
HPC Plusair Airtower Air Compressor
Hyster S2.50XL Fork Lift Truck
Matrix Thread Grinder (1 metre bed length)
Mills. Hydraulic Press
Mitutoyo. Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
Pratt & Whitney. "Thread Miller 4.5"" x 12"""
Surface Measuring Machine
Rolling worm Checker
Tool Makers microscope
Sigma Gauge
Hand Press
Pedestal Grinder x 3




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